De Landa Ep, May 2013 on Absent Fever

Thomas Guida goes by Leaks and hails from Melbourne, Australia where he has managed to make some of the most intricately nuanced post-dub sounds I’ve ever heard. They’re so subtle and so nuanced that you might miss it your first time around. But there is no doubt that the talent this young producer already exudes will only grow with the coming years. I listened to this late into the night, and the more I did, the more fragile the sounds became. Leaks influences may be evident, but there’s something about the way he lets these tracks ride. Never once over producing, these tracks are perfectly opulent.    – Portals

Another young Australian producer will soon be talked about. After Flume, here are the promising beginnings of Thomas Guida aka Leaks. A case to monitor.    – Le Discolab

it’s undeniable that the 18 year-old producer has a great ear for these ambient, downtempo arrangements. The producer seems to pay a close attention to detail, minding the delicate construction of an atmosphere and a mood through his brilliant use of samples, beat work, and song progression.    – Hearing Gold



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